About us

Art Hotel Kalelarga **** is a new unique art design hotel situated in the city centre, on the main and most famous street of Zadar – the legendary Kalelarga.

Hotel features 10 thematically designed guest rooms, which are characterized by functionality, harmony, fine materials, shapes and colors. The incorporation of stone pavement in design creates a sense of expansion of the Kalelarga Street into and through the interior space of a building.

During stay at the Art Hotel Kalelarga guests have the opportunity to discover Zadar's rich history and tradition and some famous people and visitors from the past, but also to learn some less familiar aspects of everyday life in Zadar.

Phishing alert

Dear guests,

If you are asked to pay a deposit by bank transfer or required to pay money directly into the specific account in order to book a room, please report immediately and protect yourself against fraud and potential missuse of your information.

The privacy and protection of our guests' information is a matter we take very seriously.

Please remember that Art Hotel Kalelarga will never send unsolicited emails which ask you to pay for a room in advance. If you receive an e-mail requesting such actions, please do not respond or click on any links or attachments in the email.

Art Hotel Kalelarga’s official communications are never sent from personal email addresses hosted on public domains such as yahoo, hotmail or gmail. Other than email confirmations sent from an official Art Hotel Kalelarga email adress (info@arthotel-kalelarga.com) for bookings made via our website (www.arthotel-kalelarga.com) we do not conduct or approve financial transactions over email.

Thank you!

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